Frequently asked questions


- Do you also make other designs than the ones we can choose from at checkout? 

Yes, a lot is possible. You can look around on our website and social media pages for examples. You can always contact us with your ideas.


- Do you set opals in prongs?

We only prefer bezel settings at the moment. However, we're looking into designs with prongs which are safe to wear. We might make these available in the future. 


- Can you cut my rough opal?

No, unfortunately we only cut our own opals. 


- I've got jewellery with a stone I don't like / I lost my stone. Can you put an opal in it? 

We specialize in our own custom work. It really depends on the type of jewellery if this is possible. There are costs for cutting the stone to size and creating a new bezel. It's often more interesting to create a new piece of jewellery. 


- How do I know my ringsize?

Best is to take your measurements at your local jeweller. We accept US or EU sizes. Measuring the right ringsize is your responsibility. It might be possible for us to resize your ring if neccesary, but there are additional costs involved. 


- How long does it takes for my order to be shipped?

For ready-made jewellery and loose opals we ship between 3-5 days.

For customs (opals which we still have to set in jewellery) we ship in 3-6 weeks. 


The exact shipping time depends on your location and if it has to go through customs. Within the EU shipping time is around 1 week. Outside the EU it can take up to a few weeks. 

We provide our parcels with a track&trace, so your order can always be followed. 


- What if my order gets lost or damaged during shipping?

All orders are sent with an insurance and track&trace. Also a signature is required when you receive the package. If an order gets lost or damaged we'll start an enquiry with the courier for a refund.