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Marsi Opals

Dark Opal CFA235

Dark Opal CFA235

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Article number: CFA235
Origin: Lightning Ridge, Australia
Weight: 0.62 carat
Size: 7.17x5.28x2.38mm
Opal type: Dark Opal

Order instructions

When you've seen an opal you like:

1. Choose your jewellery and precious metal via the drop down menus (or choose 'not applicable' to buy as a loose stone).

2. If you've chosen a ring: specify your ringsize in the commentbox in the shopping cart.

3. If you've chosen a pendant and you'd like a necklace with it: Add a necklace to your order via this link.

4.Complete your order at the checkout.

5. For other questions see our FAQ or contact us.

About our opals

All our opals are solid Australian opals. We do not work with doublets, triplets or synthetic opals. We have imported all of our opals from Australia and cut them into gemstones ourselves.

We also cut and sell Brazilian opal occasionally.

Shipping & Returns

Ready-made jewellery and loose opals we ship between 3-5 days.

Customs (opals which we still have to set in jewellery) we ship in 3-6 weeks. 

The exact shipping time depends on your location and if it has to go through customs. Within the EU shipping time is around 1 week. Outside the EU it can take up to a few weeks. 

We provide our parcels with a track & trace, so your order can always be followed. The parcel is also insured.

If you're from outside the EU, customs duty and taxes need to be paid. The prices depend on your country's taxes policy.

It's your responsibility to pay these taxes. Make sure that your local customs office is able to reach you.

When you're from the EU taxes are already calculated for you and no action is required.

Click here for our return policy

Care Instructions

Advice about wearing opal jewellery

Opals are fragile gemstones that should be worn with extra care. Opals are sensitive to scratches, so be careful that the stone does not come into contact with other objects while wearing. Our advice is not to wear opal jewellery while showering, exercising, (physical) work and sleeping. Store the jewellery in the supplied jewellery box (or in your own jewelery box).

To clean your opal jewellery, use the supplied cleaning cloth. If necessary, you can clean the jewellery in a bath of lukewarm water with soap and a soft brush. Avoid strong detergents. (IUnlike Ethiopian opal, Australian opal can withstand water).

Silver jewellery can discolour/oxidize (this can differ per person, this depends on the acidity of the skin) - if discolouration occurs, this can be polished off with the supplied cleaning cloth. The jewellery should last a lifetime if handled properly.

View full details

This opal can be purchased as a loose stone or can be made into jewellery. Use the drop down menus to specify your choice, you can choose between different models of rings and pendants. 
The jewelry can be made into silver, 14/18k gold or 18k gold. You can also choose which colour gold you'd like.  

Why is there also a 14/18k gold choice? 

We need the bezel to be 18k. Opal is a very delicate stone, since 18k is a soft metal we're able to set the stone properly. So only the bezel is 18k gold, the rest of the jewellery in this example is made of 14k gold. The colour difference is minimal.


Choosing your ringsize

When you've chosen a ring don't forget to specify your ring size. You can do this at the checkout (In case you forget this, we'll contact you).

Best is to take your measurements at your local jeweller. We accept US or EU sizes. Measuring the right ringsize is your responsibility. It might be possible for us to resize your ring if neccesary, but there are additional costs involved. 

Choosing a necklace with your pendant

When you've chosen a pendant you can specify if you'd like a chain with your pendant. Click here to choose your necklace. The chain is an anchor model by default. You can choose from silver, 14- or 18 carat gold chains (yellow, white or rose). 


Opal sizes explained

In the size filter you can see if an opal is small, medium or large. This is based on its measurement in mm (so not on its weight!)

Note that the size of the opal dermines how much metal is needed to make it into jewelry. Hence, the costs and therefore the price of jewellery for a larger opal is higher.



When ordering your opal you can request a Marsi certificate. This certificate contains information about the purchased opal (opal type, origin, weight, size and particularities). This report is for informational purposes only and is composed in good faith and fair dealing. No rights can be derived from this document. If you're interested in obtaining a certificate you can leave a note at the checkout. We'll send you the Marsi certificate via e-mail in pdf.



1. The photo's and video's are taken under 5500 Kelvin LED lights, this is the closest to natural daylight and gives a fair representation of the opal. Keep in mind that an opal may look different under different lightsources.

2. We sell our opals also via mineral fairs or on the spot in our studio. When this happens we try to update our website straight away, but a conflicting sale may occur. In this situation the first payment secures the item.